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As a support organization, the greatest value Atlas can provide for a young institute is through connections to other friends in the movement who are experiencing, or have experienced, challenges similar to what you are facing now. To complement this support, we also provide management training, recognition through various award programs, and access to think tank leaders from around the world.

At Atlas, we believe it’s important to invest in the infrastructure of liberty, which means we want to offer high quality training that will leverage the grants and awards we’re able to give. When funds are available, graduates and participants of the ALA will be given special consideration when determining grants and awards. Atlas believes that money isn’t the only way to grow an organization, and we will seek to leverage our investments through these training programs.

As we are not an endowed organization, we have to raise funds year-to-year to offer this form of financial support. Atlas awards grants to nonprofit organizations that share its vision of a society of free and responsible individuals and that show exceptional promise for winning policy victories for liberty. With modest resources available for grants, we can only fund a fraction of the worthy proposals received.  Although many donors prefer to remain anonymous, all are invested personally and financially in the advancement of liberty throughout the world.  We are grateful to the generous individuals and foundations that, through their giving, make it possible to extend Atlas-sponsored grants to think tanks in the Atlas Network.

Additional information on Atlas Grant Opportunities and Guidelines can be found here.

Templeton Freedom Awards

The Templeton Freedom Awards is the largest annual prize program recognizing and awarding innovative work by think tanks. Since 2004, Atlas has distributed more than $2 million in Templeton Freedom Prizes and other awards within the program. For the first time in its history and in future years, the award will be presented to one winner along with a $100,000 prize recognizing exceptional think tank achievement. This fall, six finalists will be invited to attend the annual Liberty Forum in New York City, November 13-14, where the winner will be announced during the event’s Freedom Dinner, November 14. The other five finalists will receive a $5,000 prize. Winners are showcased within Atlas’s annual Liberty Forum in November.

Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Awards

Since 1990, Atlas has honored its late founder via the Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Awards. This annual program awards a $10,000 prize to the think tank that produces the book (or other publication) that best improves the public understanding of the free society. The winner is recognized at the Fisher Memorial Awards Dinner within Atlas’s annual The Atlas Experience in April.

Archives of Past Award Winners

Freda Utley Prize for Advancing Liberty

Atlas established the Freda Utley Prize for Advancing Liberty to reward think tanks in difficult parts of the world that are most effective in spreading the ideas of freedom: limited government, the rule of law, free enterprise and the dignity of the individual.

Archives of Past Award Winners

Fisher Venture Grants

When funds allow, Atlas extends “Fisher Venture Grants” to some of the most promising young organizations in its network. Grants are structured over three years with a matching funds challenge, and ongoing mentoring from Atlas.

Archives of Past Award Winners

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