Lights, Camera, Liberty!

Applications are now open for both U.S. and international partners to join Atlas’s Lights, Camera, Liberty program, providing grants and training to create and market high-impact online videos. All participants get grants for equipment along with on-site training from experts and daily access to a private online forum with lessons, tips and video sharing opportunities. Ideal candidates are organizations committed to producing and marketing videos as part of their ongoing communications strategy. All participants also receive exclusive eligibility to compete in the annual Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival during Atlas’s Liberty Forum in New York City. Finalists receive travel grants to attend the event where they have the opportunity to screen their work before an international audience. The winner receives a cash prize.

If you have any questions about this program, contact Erin Wildermuth.

Atlas showcases the winning videos at the Lights, Camera, Liberty! film-festival, a competition open to the program’s grant recipients. Watch the compelling videos below.

Foundation for Economic Education: “The Truth About Savings and Consumption”

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy with “Stealth-Unionization Scheme Bleeds Medicaid”

The Maclver Institute with “Wisconsin Doctors Hand Out Fake Excuses to Doctors”

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