Event Report: The Atlas Experience 2010

Thank you to all who joined us at this year’s Atlas Experience in Miami. Below, you will find presentations from many of our speakers as well as audio and video of the talks. Images from the event can be viewed on our Flickr Page.



9:30-10:45am  AUDIO
The History of Liberty: From Ancient Greeks to Modern Freedom

Featured Speaker: Tom Palmer, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, USA

11:00-12:00pm AUDIO
A Worrisome Future: More Lessons from Greece

MODERATOR: John Blundell, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, USA

  • David Keating, Club for Growth, USA
  • Leonard Liggio, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, USA

12:00-1:30pm Luncheon AUDIO
Introduction: Alex Chafuen, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, USA

1:30-2:30pm AUDIO
The Hard Truth About Canadian Health Care: Lessons from the North

MODERATOR: Sally Pipes, Pacific Research Institute, USA

  • Brian Lee Crowley, MacDonald-Laurier Institute, Canada
  • Peter Holle, Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Canada

2:45-3:45pm AUDIO
Grassroots, Liberty Style

MODERATOR: Cindy Cerquitella, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, USA

2:45-3:45pm  AUDIO

Safe But Free: Toward Risk-Based Aviation Security
MODERATOR: Joseph Humire, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, USA

4:00-5:15pm AUDIO

Confronting VeneCuba’s Effort to Spread Socialism in the Americas
MODERATOR: Helen Aguirre Ferre, USA

7:00-9:00pm AUDIO, VIDEO
Fisher Memorial Award Dinner

Introduction: John Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis, USA

  • Featured Speaker: John Allison, Retired Chairman, BB&T, USA

THURSDAY, April 22nd

9:00-10:00am  Breakfast Salon

Breakfast with exiled Cuban scholar Carlos Alberto Montaner, the most widely-

read op-ed writer in the Spanish-speaking world

10:15- 11:45am  Liberty’s New Guard: Tomorrow’s Leaders

MODERATOR: Brad Lips, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, USA

  • Think Tank Leaders who have recently completed Atlas’s two week Think Tank MBA program

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