Guidelines for Submitting a Letter of Inquiry

When submitting a Letter of Inquiry to Atlas, you will need to designate the amount and intended use of requested funds. Below is a list of  necessary information that should be included in your Letter of Inquiry.

Please submit your Letter of Inquiry to within the Grant Submission Deadlines.

Letter of Inquiry  (no more than two pages in length)

For All Requests, the following information is required:

  • Name of Your Organization
  • Contact Information (Include mailing address, phone, email, and contact person)
  • Indicate Purpose of Grant (Project Support or General Support)
  • Funding Amount requested (How much are you applying for?)
  • Mission of Your Organization
  • Year of Founding
  • Website

For Project Support requests, also include the following:

  • Brief Description of the Project
  • Project Timeline
  • Expected Impact of the Project
  • Anticipated Total Budget of the Project

For General Support requests, also include the following:

  • Major Programs
  • Size of Staff
  • Sources of Funding
  • Infrastructure (Size of office space)
  • Total Operating Budget in USD

Please remember to keep your Letter of Inquiry to a maximum of two pages in length. We look forward to learning more about your organization, your mission and your goals.

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