The Morality of Free Enterprise Project

“Capitalism is a source of value. It’s the most amazing vehicle for social cooperation that has ever existed. And that’s the story we need to tell. We need to change the narrative. From an ethical standpoint, we need to change the narrative of capitalism, to show that it’s about creating shared value, not for the few, but for everyone. If people could see that the way I see it, people would love capitalism in the way I love it.”

-John MackeyCo-Founder Whole Foods Market
*From “Interview with an Entrepreneur” in The Morality of Capitalism.

With your help, 100,000 copies will be distributed to students this year. The book is now available in .pdf format. Click here to view.

The free market needs and deserves a moral defense.

The Atlas Network’s 2011 Morality of Free Enterprise initiative focuses attention on the moral component of freedom by showing that free enterprise both depends on and reinforces morality.

In 2011 the Atlas Network will:

  • produce and distribute 100,000 copies of the book, The Morality of  Capitalism, which will be on college campuses when the fall semester starts
  • sponsor essay contests for students — in partnership with Students for Liberty for the U.S.; in partnership with the Institute for Liberal Studies for Canada; through Atlas platforms in other languages including Arabic, Persian, Russian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Bahasa (spoken in Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries), Azerbaijani, Urdu, and Chinese;
  • create and promote specialized videos on the Morality of Free Enterprise. You can watch three of the videos here:

  • The Atlas Network will draw on a diverse international network of institutes and other organizations to present before publics the world over the moral character of free enterprise.  Teams of scholars organized by the Atlas Network have translated all of the essays originally produced for the Templeton Foundation’s  Does the Free Market Corrode Moral Character?” online conversation, commissioned new contributions to that topic by prominent writers, and established dedicated webpages on The Morality of Free Enterprise in the following languages:

    Bahasa Malay

    Winners of the various essay contests will be eligible for participation in Atlas Network sponsored “Freedom Schools” that will be held in a variety of languages.

    Morality of Capitalism US. Lecture Tour

    Dr. Tom Palmer will also be giving several lectures across the United States. Contact Matt Warner for more details of you are interested in attending.  Below you can find dates and locations.
    Oct. 15 – Salem College, Winston-Salem, NC
    Oct. 17 - John Locke Foundation, Raleigh, NC
    Oct. 22 – Columbia, New York, NY
    Oct. 26 - Boston University, Boston, MA
    Nov. 1 – University of Washington, Seattle WA
    Nov. 3 - Portland State University, Portland, OR
    Nov. 3 - Cascade Policy Institute, Portland OR
    Nov. 5 – University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
    Nov. 30 – University of Michigan or Michigan State University
    Dec. 1 – Michigan Taxpayers Alliance
    Dec. 1 - University of Michigan or Michigan State University
    Jan. 4 - Manhattan Institute, New York, NY

    More information is available in this brochure.

    Contact Kelly Ream if you’d like to invest in this important project.  You can make a contribution online today here.

    This project is sponsored in part by the John Templeton Foundation.

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