Austrian Economics Autumn School

September 30th to October 2nd, 2011 – Troyes

Is the financial crisis over? Have proposed remedies – stimulus plans, debt, bank bailouts – truly helped to heal our struggling economies? These are some of the questions which the Austrian Economics Autumn School will try to answer.

Convinced that current economic policy is responsible for crises and based on fallacies, the Autumn School offers a series of conferences highlighting alternatives inspired by Austrian School economists. Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek or Murray Rothbard have built powerful analytical tools that are able to account for complex economic phenomena, particularly as relates to the economic cycle.

The organizers of the event extend an invitation to students who are eager to deepen their knowledge by discovering a range of coherent arguments to explain the complexity of economic issues, as well as to professionals interested in understanding the exact meaning and unintended consequences of contemporary economic policies.

The Institut économique Molinari and the website 24hGold are further involved in encouraging a new generation to take over the production and dissemination of ideas and concepts that promote individual prosperity. Now more than ever, the challenge is to successfully communicate those ideas in a language and style accessible to reasonably educated citizens. Because we feel that gold has a role to play within the international monetary system, we therefore propose the following theme for the 2011 op-ed contest: “The role of gold in reforming the international monetary system.”

Details on the Autumn School and Best Op-Ed Contest can be found here.

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