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Liberty Forum at Crowne Plaza Times Square

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10:30 AM

11:15 AM
Speed Networking

12:30 PM
Templeton Freedom Awards Luncheon and Think Tank “Shark Tank” Competition (sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation)
Think Tank “Shark Tank” Competition (sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation)
Atlas will present the winners of the 2011 Templeton Freedom Awards. A select few will compete for a $3000 prize, pitching their prize-winning programs to a panel of distinguished investors and philanthropists in the style of the hit TV show, Shark Tank!

2:00 PM
Returning to Fiscal Health (co-sponsored by The Manhattan Institute)
Speakers: Nicole Gelinas, Tom Clougherty , Iain MurrayVeronique de Rugy
Moderated by Matt Warner
Economies are ill throughout the western world. Leading scholars Nicole Gelinas from the Manhattan InstituteTom Clougherty of the Adam Smith Institute, Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute offer their diagnoses and Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center prescribe tough medicine to governments for restoring fiscal health. This panel is moderated by Matt Warner, the Director of Programs at Atlas.

Entrepreneurship As the Solution, Not the Problem
Speakers: Angel Soto, Prabhat Shrestha, Kateana Leontjeva
Moderated by Gonzalo Schwarz
The “Occupy Wall Street” movement is only the latest evidence that many people remain willfullly ignorant about how wealth is created.  They take for granted that wealth will exist, and they focus their attention on the “fair” way to divide it up.   But who will take the risks to innovate if it brings punishment instead of rewards?   The think tanks represented on this panel are improving the public understanding of the vital role of entrepreneurs as the engine of economic growth who bring benefits to society as a whole.

3:30 PM
Think Tank Products You Can Replicate

Speakers: Jim Stergios, Margaret Tse, Fred McMahon
Moderated by Cindy Cerquitella
Why reinvent the wheel? Presenters from successful think tanks will share examples of effective think tank products that you can use as inspiration – or just plain use! Speakers include Jim Stergios from the Pioneer Institute, Margaret Tse from Instituto Liberdade and Fred McMahon from the Fraser Institute. This panel is moderated by Gonzalo Schwarz, Program Manager at Atlas.

Freedom on the Road
Speakers: Nouh El-Harmouzi, Elisa Martins, Adedyo Thomas
Moderated by Dr. Tom Palmer
In many countries, there is no Cato, Heritage or Manhattan Institute. It’s impossible to read classics by John Locke and Adam Smith in the local language. How then do you kindle an interest in liberty? This session profiles some of Atlas’s partners on the ground in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, including Nouh El-Harmouzi of, Elisa Martins of and Adedyo Thomas of This panel will be moderated by Dr. Tom Palmer.

5:30 PM
Ladies for Liberty reception (sponsored by the Independent Women’s Forum)

Moderated by Erin Grant
Atlas board member John Blundell will present his new book, Ladies for Liberty, which profiles 20 great American women who have advanced the cause of liberty, including Atlas’s co-founder Dorian Fisher, Rose Friedman, Rose Wilder Lane, and Abigail Adams. Erin Grant, director of development at Atlas, will lead John in discussion.

Wednesday, November 9

8:15 AM

9:00 AM
Morality of Free Enterprise Breakfast Program (sponsored by SEVEN Fund)
Tom Palmer will discuss Atlas’s Morality of Capitalism project and moderate a panel of distinguished speakers that includes Michael Fairbanks of the SEVEN Fund and Professor Bill Easterly of NYU.

10:30 AM
New York Elevator Pitch: If I Can Make It Here, I Can Make It Anywhere!
Graduates of Atlas’s Think Tank Leadership Training program will do their Madison Avenue best to pitch their institute in 60 seconds (about the length of a Empire State Building elevator ride!). Audience members will vote for the winner of a $1000 prize.

Working for Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East and Central Asia
Speakers: Nouh El-Harmouzi, Corinne Sauer, Mohammad Jahan-Parvar
Moderated by Dr. Tom Palmer
2011 has seen dramatic change in the Middle East and beyond. Our panel presents four reasons to be optimistic. Learn about the work of the Jerusalem Free Market Institute in Israel, Minbar-al-Hurriya’s outreach efforts in the Arabic-speaking world, new efforts to spread classical liberal ideas in Persian to audiences in Iran and beyond, and a new think tank in Kabul, the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization. Speakers on this panel include Corinne Sauer, Nouh El-Harmouzi and Mohammad Jahan-Parvar and will be moderated by Dr. Tom Palmer.

12:00 PM
Liberty Forum Luncheon with speaker Leszek Balcerowicz
The Berlin Wall came down on November 9, 1989. 22 years later, Leszek Balcerowicz will discuss how he engineered Poland’s successful transition from communism to a free economy. He will share his new think tank project, and comment on the best path forward for Europe today. Lee Edwards of the Heritage Foundation will also speak on the work of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.  Atlas President Alex Chafuen will moderate the discussion.

2:00 PM
Sound Money: Getting to Gold
Speakers: Steve Forbes, Lew Lehrman and Judy Shelton
Moderated by Jimmy Kemp
Atlas’s Project on Sound Money has helped galvanize greater discussion of Sound Money solutions for restraining government from interfering in the economy. Panelists Steve Forbes, Lew Lehrman, and Judy Shelton have been making the case for returning to a gold standard. Jimmy Kemp, the son of the late Representative Jack Kemp, will moderate this star-studded session.

From Friend to Foe: What to do When Coworkers Make a Transition to Government Work
Speakers: Luis Larrain, Hakan Tribell, Jim Stergios
Moderated by Cindy Cerquitella
With increasing frequency, think tanks are seeing staff members enter government. What risks does this pose to think tanks’ independence? What opportunities can be seized when institutes have friends on the inside? Atlas has assembled a panel featuring representatives of institutes that have wrestled with these difficult challenges including Luis Larrain of Libertad y Desarollo, Hakan Tribell, from Timbro and Jim Stergios from the Pioneer Center. This panel will be moderated by Cindy Cerquitella, the Associate Director of Institute Relations at Atlas.

Looking into Latin America’s Crystal Ball
Speakers: Richard Gomes, Ignacio Munyo, Bettina Horst
Moderated by Alex Chafuen
Experts from the think tank world and investment community will forecast how key countries of Latin America will navigate the opportunities and challenges they face. Speakers include Ignacio Munyo from The Center for the Study of Economic and Social Affairs and Richard Gomes of IEE.

Gaga for Liberty: Can the Freedom Movement be the Next “It” Cause?
Speakers: Kurt Loder, Larry Kaufmann, Parth Shah, Billie Tucker
Moderated by David Nott
Reason’s David Nott will host a panel featuring  Kurt Loder, formerly of MTV, exploring the intersection between pop culture and free-market ideas. Other speakers on this panel include Larry Kaufmann, who founded the New Culture Institute and Parth Shah, who is working to promote liberty through Bollywood.

Attire: Business

Freedom Dinner at Capitale

November 9, 2011

6:00 PM
Atlas Club Briefing with Corinne Sauer (Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies). This event is INVITE ONLY.

6:30 PM

7:30 PM
Freedom Dinner
Toasts to Freedom by international freedom champions Leonard P Liggio, Leszek Balcerowicz, Joseph Lehman and Arpita Nepal
Keynote speech – Mario Vargas Llosa, 2010 Nobel Laureate in Literature, introduced by Mary O’Grady.
Atlas 30th Anniversary Retrospective
Brad Lips, Atlas’s CEO, will emcee the evening.

9:30 PM
Dancing and Drinks with the Alex Donner Band
Private Dessert Reception with special guests, by invitation only

Dress Code: Black tie optional, traditional dress encouraged

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