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Atlas’s monthly webinar series will provide training on specific topics relevant to think tanks. These trainings, conducted by think tank experts worldwide, will provide timely, direct and practical skills needed to successfully run a think tank.

Each webinar is worth 1 credit and you can apply up to four total webinar credits towards your Atlas Leadership Academy graduation. Of course, there is no limit to the number of webinars you can attend. Only attendees of live webinars will be awarded credits.

All Webinars are archived so that you can access past sessions at any time.

Archived Webinars:

  • July 23

    The title is Patrick Reasonover: Best Practices for Online Video Production
  • July 17

    Garrett Marquis: Tips for Successful Online Fundraising
  • May 21

    Richard Durana: Products You Can Replicate: The Price of the State
  • April 10

    Ann Fitzgerald: Tips for Successful Grant Proposals

  • March 20

    Cord Blomquist and Tim Hedberg: Social Media: How to Attract, Engage and Measure your Audience Online
  • October 17

    Katie Harbath: How to use Facebook to Advance your Mission
  • September 18

  • Svetla Kostadinova: Flat Tax Reform in Bulgaria

  • August 14

    Matthew Sinclair: Organizing a Winning Policy Campaign
  • August 7

    Tom Palmer: Why Liberty
  • July 16

    Gary Leff: Budgeting Basics For Your Think Tank
  • June 12

    Neils Veldhius: Think Tank Impact: Why it Matters and How to Measure It
  • May 13

    Rainer Heufers: Thinking Like a Leader: Strategic Thinking for your Organization
  • April 12

    Robin Situola :The Samriddhi Story Lessons from an Intellectual Entrepreneur
  • April 23

    Chris MartinPlanning Liberty Seminars II
  • March 19

    Bill Pascoe: Using Polling to Hone your Think Tank’s Message
  • Feb 27

    Claire Kittle: Tips for Hiring Talented Staff for your Organization
  • Oct 18
    Fred Smith: Corporate Fundraising
    Click here to listen to the audio
  • Sept 25
    Michel Kelly-Gagnon: Strategic Positioning
    Click here to view the pdf.
  • Sept 14, 9:30am EST
    Click here to view the pdf.
    Ann Fitzgerald: End of the Year Planning
  • August 29, 10am EST

    Leslie Hiner: Advancing School Choice
  • August 8, 10am EST

    Joseph Lawler: How to get published on Real Clear Policy
  • July 18, 10am EST

    Chris Martin: Successful Summer Seminars
  • July 2, 10am EST

    Grover Norquist: Coalition Building
  • May 22nd, 11am EST

    Allegra Hewell: Useful Tips for Working with Contractors
  • March 22nd 10am EST

    Bettina Horst: Communications the Libertad y Desarollo Way
  • February 22nd 1pm EST

    Tom Palmer: The Rhetoric of Liberty

If you’d like to host or suggest a topic for a webinar please contact Cindy.Cerquitella@AtlasNetwork.org with the subject line: Webinar

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