Freedom Champions

In Freedom Champions: Stories from the Front Lines in the War of Ideas, Atlas profiles 30 think tank leaders from around the world who share their inspirational and instructional stories about how they advanced liberty in their countries. From selections taken from the epilogue, Atlas CEO Brad Lips writes,

I’m optimistic that the think tanks profiled in this book — and those in the broader Atlas network that touches more than 80 countries — will play important roles in the years to come. Crises will emerge, and we will need effective, principled Freedom Champions to move opinion toward sound policy solutions.
Atlas’s mission is to find such people, and help them establish effective think tanks that carry the message of freedom to all who will listen.
To succeed in our mission, we need to learn from the successes and failures of our think tank movement. We need to be attentive to new challenges and new opportunities in our market.
At Atlas we have our heroes, whose bravery inspires us every day. Let me share with you the sentiment, which is prominently displayed on our walls at Atlas, of Joaquim Nabuco, a nineteenth century Brazilian writer, diplomat and abolitionist:

Educate your children, educate yourselves in the love for the freedom of others, for only in this way will your own freedom not be a gratuitous gift from fate. You will be aware of its worth and have the courage to defend it.

I hope you are motivated to join with Atlas and the Freedom Champions in this book to face the challenges of our times.

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Preface by Colleen Dyble
Introduction: Advancing Liberty Depends Upon Successful Intellectual Entrepreneurship, Brad Lips, Atlas CEO

Section 1: Case Studies in Entrepreneurship
Chapter 1: A Short Story of the Free Market Triumphing, Elena Leontjeva, Lithuania
Chapter 2: Reclaiming a Free Market Tradition in Quebec, Michel Kelly-Gagnon, Canada
Chapter 3: A Model for Winning Liberty, Giancarlo Ibarguen, Guatemala
Chapter 4: A Little Bit of Entrepreneurship Goes a Long Way, Greg Lindsay, Australia
Chapter 5: A Passion For Freedom, Gerardo Bongiovanni, Argentina
Chapter 6: Fostering Libertarianism in South Korea, Chung-Ho Kim, South Korea
Chapter 7: A Swedish Think Tank Punches Above its Weight, Billy McCormack, Sweden
Chapter 8: 20 Years of Fighting for Freedom in Slovakia, Jan Oravec, Slovakia
Chapter 9: Ideas Have Consequences, Greg Fleming, New Zealand
Chapter 10: The War of Ideas: Thoughts from South Africa, Leon Louw, South Africa

Section 2: Think Tank Lessons
Chapter 11: What is a Think Tank? John C. Goodman, US
Chapter 12: Awakening a Slumbering Elephant, Parth Shah, India
Chapter 13: If It Matters, Measure It, Michael Walker, Canada
Chapter 14: The Battle of Ideas in Chile, Cristian Larroulet, Chile
Chapter 15: Launching and Building an Effective Think Tank, Martin Agerup, Denmark
Chapter 16: Advocating Free Enterprise, Alexandros Mantikas, Greece
Chapter 17: More Than 30 Years of Fighting for Freedom and Prosperity, Rowena Itchon and Jason Clemens, US
Chapter 18: Opening Taxpayers’ Eyes: An Uphill Battle Against Taxation in Japan, Masaru Uchiyama, Japan
Chapter 19: From Small Beginnings, Madsen Pirie, United Kingdom

Section 3: A Worldwide Battle
Chapter 20: Changing the Climate of Opinion in Turkey, Atilla Yayla, Turkey
Chapter 21: Advocating Freedom, Because Ideas Have Consequences, Rocio Guijarro, Venezuela
Chapter 22: Freedom is Nomadic, Seyitbek Usmanov, Kyrgyzstan
Chapter 23: The Changed Mind is Changing the Country, Jaroslav Romanchuk, Belarus
Chapter 24: Hong Kong: Milton’s Paradise Lost? Andrew Work and Simon Lee, Hong Kong
Chapter 25: Planting Freedom in the Ashes of a Failed Communist Experiment, Veselin Vukotic, Montenegro
Chapter 26: Promoting Free Markets in Africa, Franklin Cudjoe, Ghana
Chapter 27: An Israeli Think Tank – Its Challenges and Discontents, Daniel Doron, Israel
Chapter 28: Bringing the Market Back to Italy, Alberto Mingardi, Italy
Chapter 29: Brazil: A Contrast of Ideas, Margaret Tse, Brazil
Chapter 30: Victories For Freedom in the Republic of Georgia, Paata Sheshelidze and Gia Jandieri, Republic of Georgia

Epilogue: The Challenges and Opportunities Ahead, Brad Lips, Atlas CEO

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