Highlights Submission Guidelines

Atlas welcomes news stories from partners in our network. Not a partner? Email Elisa.Martins@AtlasNetwork.org to learn more. News stories, subject to Atlas approval, will be included in the next issue of Highlights, our monthly newsletter. Atlas reserves the right to exclude content without notice for any reason. If you have any questions about submissions, please contact Jackie.LaFrance@AtlasNetwork.org.

General submission guidelines:
1. Text 100-300 words

2. Photo: hi-res jpeg whenever possible, subject ideas include people in action, publication covers, etc. If hi-res is not available, picture must be 500px by 500px.

3. Links to relevant content

4. Anyone can submit anytime to Jackie.LaFrance@AtlasNetwork.org.

1. The main body of the newsletter is for completed activities, with an emphasis on impact. The sidebar is for upcoming events.

2. When writing up an activity, event or publication, you should think about including a specific quote, idea or finding that wouldn’t be obvious without attending the event or reading the publication.

3. Photo selection – The best photos are hi-res and representative of the action or impact of the story.

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