2013 Fisher Award Winner Talks China’s Economic Outlook with WSJ’s Mary Kissel

Fisher Award winner, Ning Wang, joined Mary Kissel with the Wall Street Journal during Atlas’s Liberty Forum to offer his take on whether proposed economic reforms in China will boost the economy, and if political reform is likely. Prof. Wang accepted the 2013 Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Award in New York City for his book How China Became Capitalist, co-authored by the late Nobel Laureate Ronald Coase.

The 2013 keynote speaker for Atlas Network’s Freedom Dinner was Johan Norberg, one of the worlds most eloquent liberty advocates. He has published numerous books including In Defense of Global Capitalism, which earned Atlas’s celebrated Fisher Award in 2002, has been translated into a dozen languages, and inspired the British Channel 4 documentary,”Globalisation is Good”. Norberg will also host a national public television special, produced by the Free to Choose Network, about the effects of economic freedom in South Korea, Chile, Zambia, and Slovakia. Norberg is a senior fellow at the European Centre for International Political Economy and at the Cato Institute.

On November 14, 2013, Atlas Network’s CEO Brad Lips invited Jennifer Templeton Simpson, granddaughter of the late Sir John Templeton, to announce the winner of the 2013 Templeton Freedom Award and $100,000 prize to a crowd of more than 500 think tank leaders, supporters and allies from 46 countries attending Atlas’s Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner in New York City. From among an esteemed field of six finalists, the UK-based TaxPayers’ Alliance was selected for its 2020 Tax Commission and Single Income Tax report, representing a comprehensive campaign to reform Britain’s outdated and unfair tax system.

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“Once your rights are taken away, it’s hard to get them back. The authors of Why Liberty explain why you should fight for your freedom.” –David Boaz, Executive VP, Cato Institute

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