Atlas is pleased to announce a new effort available at which makes the best writing on current events and freedom available to new audiences in multiple languages around the globe. In cooperation with our platform editors and partners, this service is designed to leverage the abundance of quality analysis and commentary published throughout the network.

Sources of the Egyptian Crisis by Dr. Nouh El Harmouzi and Dr. Ali Massoud
July 9, 2013
Translated into Bulgarian, French, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, and Russian.

Bono, France, and Capitalism by Emmanuel Martin
July 19, 2013
Translated into Azerbaijani, Hindi, Kurdish, Polish, and Vietnamese.

Overdue revolt against cleptocracy: on the protests in Bulgaria, by Stefan Kolev
August 2
Translated into French, Italian, Arabic, and Vietnamese, and syndicated in English by

Liberating India and its poor one dollar and one property at a time by Alex Chafuen
August 15
Translated into French and Italian, and syndicated by in English.

Iranian Voices Promote Free Trade and Cooperation with the United States, by Reza Ansari
August 19
Translated into Polish, Polish (news outlet), Italian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

Bitcoin: Escape from Centrally Controlled Money, by Martin Vlachynsky
September 2
Translated into French, French (Belgium), Polish, and Italian, and syndicated in English by

Without Big Changes, Detroit Won’t Have a Second Act, by Shikha Dalmia
September 3
Translated into Lithuanian, Arabic, Serbian, and Slovak, and syndicated in English by

Hungary’s Ruling Party Pushes Radical Conservative Collectivism by Zoltán Kész and Attila Juhasz
September 19
Translated into French and Arabic.

Greece’s Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Branded a Criminal Organization.
September 30
Translated into Vietnamese.

Will Poland Seize Private Pension Funds? by Marek Tatala and Zoltán Kész
October 30

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