Liberating Asian Enterprise

2014 project decisions have been completed. A new round of proposals will be solicited in January 2015. We hope you will make plans to apply at that time.

Atlas requested proposals from partners in Asia to conduct original research focusing on obstacles to market exchange, and sources of cronyism that undermine free, competitive markets.

Atlas will select grantees that succeed in identifying a compelling hypothesis or research question; provide a methodologically sound approach for testing the hypothesis; and present a plan for publicizing the research findings successfully to media, stakeholders and the general public.

Specific and strategic research questions are encouraged and should be guided by, but not limited to, the following “Big Questions” and “Topics”:

Big Questions:

  • What are the costs of regulation?
  • What are the best ways to communicate benefits of free enterprise?
  • How do we distinguish free enterprise from cronyism?


  • Barriers to Entry
  • Entrepreneurship and Licensing
  • Price Controls
  • Property Rights
  • Public Spending
  • Taxes and State Finances
  • Trade Barriers

We strongly encourage each organization to submit multiple proposals, up to six (6) total. Average grant size will be $1,500 per paper proposed. So, for those proposing six papers, we recommend a $9,000 total grant request.

Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis until March 30, 2014. Email any questions.

Atlas would like to thank the John Templeton Foundation for their generous support of this important effort.

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