Friedman Centenary: Atlas Partners Translate I, Pencil Video

To commemorate Milton Friedman’s global impact, Atlas’s partners around the world have released subtitled versions of a special video made possible by Next Media Animation featuring Friedman’s famous narration of the pencil story by Leonard Read. This classic illustration demonstrates the sheer impossibility of achieving a vibrant marketplace via central planning. The translations have all been completed by local intellectual leaders around the world who each can tell the story of how Friedman’s ideas illuminated their own paths and continue to give hope to a better society. As this project inspires more cooperation, additional translations will be added. Below you will find versions of the video in Russian, French, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Kurdish, Portuguese, Persian, Urdu, Greek, Polish, and Hungarian.

Milton Friedman became known to millions of television viewers with his wonderful television series: Free to Choose. In Free to Choose episodes, Milton Friedman explained economic principles around important public questions, such as inflation, unemployment, public schools. Each episode included a segment where opponents and proponents of the free market discussed their views, with Milton Friedman putting them right. Among the features of Free to Choose was Milton Friedman’s use of the pamphlet: I, Pencil. In it, it is explained how many different products from every corner of the world goes into the production of a pencil. It demonstrates how everyone is dependent on persons all over the world that they do not know and the necessity of open economies to take advantage of the production others are doing for us. I, Pencil was originally written by Leonard Read, the president of the Foundation for Economic Education. – Leonard P. Liggio

Arabic translation by Minbaralhurriyya Chinese translation by
Kurdish translation by Chiraiazadi French translation by Libre Afrique
Hindi translation by Persian translation by Cheragheazadi
Portuguese translation by Ordem Livre Russian translation by InLiberty.Ru
Urdu translation by Hum-Azad Vietnamese translation by DoiMoi
Spanish translation Greek translation
Polish translation Hungarian translation